Simplification of Krishi and Polli loan

Today we are in the era of globalization. Financial Organizations worldwide have adopted globalization as their first tactical choice. So also Agrani Bank Bangladesh Ltd has taken an initiative to provide its best service to the poor farmers so that they can have an easy access to ICT for agro based loan with the help of modern technology and hence signed an agreement with Prime Minister’s office’s A2i project for simplifying loan advantage of farmers, an innovative project, which will be considered as a milestone in the development of the digital banking sector if implemented successfully.

Agrani Bank is dedicated to contribute to sustainable development (SDG) for achieving the goal of vision 2030 by eradicating poverty and hunger from the country. It is a dreamt project of the father of the Nation and in the light of this project, the government of his daughter Sekh Hasina is going on taking various types of welfare and agro based development policy. Thus We will be able to build up dreamt golden Bangladesh by implementing vision 2021 and 2041 of the government of Sekh Hasina with the aim of building Bangladesh as a hunger and poverty-free middle-income country within 2021, and a prosperous country before 2041.

Existing Problem

  • Only 25% out of 2 core 60 lac farmers accepts agriculture (Krishi) and Polli loan.
  • A large portion of remaining 75% farmers does not apply for loan for the lack of inadequate knowledge about application procedure for loan and moreover, non-cooperative attitude of the bank employees.
  • 75% farmers among loan takers have to face loss in lieu of profit due to higher rate of interest.

Reason of Problem

  1. Non cooperative attitude of the Bank employees to the Farmers.
  2. Lack of proper monitoring by the concerned authorities.
  3. Lack of proper information about document and interest rate against loan.

Solution (Process Map)

  • Step 1 : Loan applicant farmer.
  • Step 2 : Application for loan by using Mobile App or UDC.
  • Step 3 : Ensuring primary verification by Upozila agriculture, fishery and other related officers.
  • Step 4 : Ensuring re verification by authorized loan officer of the concerned branch.
  • Step 5 : Final approval by Branch Manager.
  • Step 7 : Monitoring after loan.
  • Step 8 : Receipt of loan by Farmer himself


  1. At first, applicant will click selected button to fulfill registration form by inserting National ID Number and mobile number on the home page through mobile apps or UDC.
  2. Farmers will update own profile and other information for loan application by clicking >“Enter” button.
  3. Applicant will fill up the loan application form.
  4. Applicants can apply to his near desirable bank by fixing the amount of loan as per the ground shown on the form.
  5. Applicants will click >“Send” button after scanning relevant document according to checklist.

In this way, The file of farmers will open and farmers will get an SMS on his phone.

Progress of Applicant

The farmers can see the progress of application, acceptable installment of loan, payment date as well as Bank statement by using his user ID and password.

Checklist of necessary documents for loan

  1. National ID (NID) of client.
  2. Smart card.
  3. Agriculture Card
  4. 3 copies passport size photo.

Guarantor Information

  1. Local chairmen/ member/ respectable person
  2. Teacher of Government-Private School / College or Madrasah.

Benefits of the project

  1. Farmers can easily apply for loan through UDC or by using mobile application.
  2. You can learn about progress of the application using the app at home.
  3. Can have facility of loan with less interest rate and free from harassment.
  4. Farmers can enjoy facility of taking co-operative loan.
  5. The merchants will also get the same opportunity.

Public benefit

Mass people can have agricultural product at lower rate.

Facilities available in Local administration

  1. Credit information will be updated online.
  2. No Upazila agricultural loan meeting is to be organized.
  3. Transparency and accountability can be ensured.

How can the Banks be benefited?

  1. Only the real Farmers can have the loan facilities.
  2. Information about the upazila agricultural loan committee can be inputted easily.
  3. Time and costs of travel will be minimized.
  4. Transparency and accountability of banks will be ensured.
  5. It will be possible to build up a society which will be free from bank loan defaulters

Benefits for the traders:

Both the farmers and the traders will be benefited when the farmers are provided with improved seeds and other materials at a lower price and their produced products are purchased at a reasonable price.

Advantage for the Country

  1. Target of food sufficiency will be achieved.
  2. Foreign currency can be earned by exporting abroad.
  3. Image of Bangladesh will be increased in abroad.